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    This is a very important post.

    babies babying together

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    sitting in silence with your best friend is actually really nice because youre together and youre just happy to be together even if the both of you are just scrolling through tumblr and twitter because you occasionally point something else to the other person and laugh and maybe talk but youre just comfortable and together and thats enough

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    I’m having a snack pack pudding crisis

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I’m just gonna let the world figure this out


    I’m just gonna let the world figure this out

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    I present to you a puppy eating watermelon.

    I can’t stop thinking about this

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    I hate it I HATE IT  just one word, one thought about a thing just makes me crumble like I’ve put bad memories into a simple thing and its the worst oh my god, If you need me i’ll be in the corner x(

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    Stand up to injustice and hatred.

    Look at that jackass go “I - I don’t like it”, as if it even matters. Sit yo stupid ass down, boy.

    tumblr likes to post these kind of things without context, but i figured before everyone starts hating this guy they should know that his name is yousef erakat, a muslim youtuber from palestine, and he is performing a social experiment to see how people would react to someone attacking a woman in a hijab.

    the video is here for people who want to watch it

    ”it’s her choice ” my ass . I’m pretty sure she was forced to wear that thing by her family , religion and stuff  

    Look at this asshole.

    Laugh at this asshole.

    I’m a muslim, and at the age of thirteen, my mum and dad asked me if I wanted to wear a hijab. I said I’d think on it, and then later replied with no.

    My sister said yes.

    Almost every muslim woman (except for the bullshit propaganda your uneducated ignorant ass sees on CNN) is given the choice to wear a hijab.

    Why don’t you take your ignorant comments and shove them up your ass, before I bitch slap you so hard you smash into the surface of the fucking sun.

    Fucking asshole.

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A Study In Colour - Season 1 - 1/3

    A Study In Colour - Season 1 - 1/3

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George w bush is here and ready to party


    George w bush is here and ready to party

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